You Can Contact Us:

If you can't find an answer on our website, please contact us directly:

By Mail:

Optimum HealthCare
P.O. Box 151137
Tampa, FL 33684

By Phone:

October 1st to March 31st, 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm (EST)
​April 1st to September 30th, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm (EST)

  • Toll Free: 1-866-245-5360
  • TTD/TTY: 711

By Fax:

  • 813-506-6150

We are located at:

Corporate Headquarters
5403 N Church Ave
Tampa, FL 33614

We have free interpreter services to answer any questions you may have about our health or drug plan. Click here for Multi-Language Interpreter Services. To get an interpreter, just call us at the above mentioned numbers. Someone who speaks Spanish can help you. This is a free service.

Last Updated: 12/04/2018